Medical Services

Our professional and experienced medical team is led by a Specialist OH (occupational health) Physician, overseeing teams of OH Physicians, OH Nurses, Registered General Nurses and Medical Support Administrators.

This means that we can offer you a wide variety of services, at locations to suit you, some of the main areas of service are:

Pre-employment & Periodic Medicals

Considered the norm in many industries to keep a regular check on employee health; pre-employment and periodic medicals are a cost-effective general assessment programme, with full reports provided as appropriate. Drug and alcohol screening can be performed alongside the medical assessment as required.

Health Surveillance Screening

Our medical professionals can help you to meet the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) standards for the required health screening of employees. Health surveillance allows us to look further into the health of your employees and helps to address the impact of the working environment before it becomes a serious, and potentially expensive, health problem.  Typical areas for surveillance include HAVS, noise exposure and working at height or in confined spaces.

Paper Based Medical Assessments

Putting the responsibiltiy back with the employee for their own health, employees are asked to complete a simple 'self declaration medical questionnaire' designed to tell us about any possible problems and including a declaration that they are telling the truth about this health snapshot.

The questionnaires are then reviewed by our professionals and any issues are dealt with as medically advised. This process can cover all your employees quickly and saves valuable time and money. Particularly useful to meet the HSE's Working Time Directive to screen all employees working at night. 

Basic Checks to Executive Medicals

We offer a broad base of medicals for the workplace, extending from simple doctor or nurse led assessment, to high end state-of-the-art executive medical screening programmes (including MRI scanning, extensive blood work, ultrasound examination and future health risk assessment). Additionally, we can adjust our medicals to suit your business, or create a bespoke medical for your specific job role requirements.

Hazard Vaccination

Whether it is your annual influenza jabs, workplace hazard or travel immunisations, our nurse-led service offers your employees vaccinations in a quick and reliable manner. 

Business Continuity Solutions

We can help you to establish a full business continuity programme for health or advise on something already in place and provide your staff with the relevant communications/health advice. If required the programmes can also include medication (for example: influenza vaccination or antiviral medication).


Please also see service summary for a basic look at the medical assessments we can perform within an appointment.